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July 20th was a big day for restoring relations between the U.S. and Cuba as embassies were reopened. Although Cuba is still under a U.S. trade embargo and American citizens cannot freely travel to Cuba, this is a major step forward.

After 56 years, the United States and Cuba have agreed to brush away their lines in the sand and resume diplomatic relations. While it won’t open a floodgate of tourism just yet, companies such as Carnival Cruises, and are making it easier to get there.

You can be sure that AutoVenture is watching developments carefully in order to put together a memorable itinerary for its customers.

Here are a handful of the adventures that await those eager to discover the Caribbean’s largest island:

  • See how rolling a Cuban cigar is an art form
  • Sink your toes in endless majestic white sand beaches
  • Visit several (nine!) UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Take in colonial-era city of Old Havana
  • Enjoy Afro-Cuban dancing
  • Tour Ernest Hemmingway's home
  • Enjoy breathtaking snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Gaze at classic American cars dating back to the 1930s

As the details get hammered out with our new Cuban friends, AutoVenture will be hard at work, crafting an itinerary to get you closer to the Cuban culture. With AutoVenture’s expert guides, you’ll experience the best of Cuba in the most comfortable, stress-free and reliable way possible. Your AutoVenture chauffeured vacation will be one you’ll never forget.

It's easy to stay tuned for more information on Cuba, click here and you'll automatically be added to our list for Cuba updates.

For those unfamiliar with Cuba, an AutoVenture guided tour is the surest way of getting closest to the culture, and of capturing an unforgettable land.

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