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Half Day City (walking tour)

One of Europe’s original tourist destinations, the charming medieval streets of Bruges have stood the test of time and war. On this 4 hour tour, discover the romantic charm of the “Venice of the North.”  At the heart of town is Burg Place, a public square ringed by the city’s most historic buildings. The most spectacular is the 14th century Gothic facade of the city hall, while the oldest is the adjacent Basilica of the Holy Blood, built by returning crusaders in 12th century Romanesque style. Continuing the tour, arrive at Market Square, where the town’s signature landmark, the Belfry, towers imposingly overhead. Finish the day at the Church of Our Lady, where Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child is proudly displayed. The only one of his works to leave Italy in his lifetime, it has since experienced a fascinating history, including thefts during the French Revolution and World War II.

4 hrs

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Half Day Ghent (with official guide)

Just to the east of Bruges lies the Ghent, where modern life has surrounded, but not spoiled, the city’s medieval allure. The old town center is a pedestrian only zone, and displays examples of secular, religious, and military architecture from the Middle Ages. Start with the Graslei, a quay situated along the Lys River. Here the city’s guild halls line the riverbank, with ornate gothic facades and step-gabled roofs. From the quay, walk along a procession of spires, crowning St. Nicholas’s Church and the town Belfry, and arrive at St. Bavo’s Cathedral. A typical Gothic exterior houses the Ghent Altarpiece, the masterwork of painter Jan van Eyck. One of the foundational and enduringly spectacular achievements of the Northern Renaissance, the triptych is made up of a series of folding panels, each displaying remarkably rendered figures of the divine. Finally, visit the Gravensteen, medieval castle of the Counts of Flanders. Despite its imposing ring wall and towering gates, the citadel melds almost seamlessly into the urban milieu, offering an authentic, yet accessible window into the past. 

4 hrs

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Full Day Brussels & Waterloo

The capital of Belgium, and in many ways of Europe as a whole, Brussels makes for an excellent day trip with this 8 hour tour package. After a scenic drive through the Flemish countryside, dive into the heart of the city at the Grand Place. Surrounded by winding streets, the open space is home to several glittering facades, which once housed the city’s guilds. The largest building is the Gothic Town Hall, whose majestic spire looms dizzyingly overhead. Nearby is the Manneken Pis Fountain, the signature landmark of the city. Exit the city past the Atomium, a towering reproduction of an iron molecule. Before returning to Bruges, stop to explore the battlefield and museum at Waterloo, where Napoleon Bonaparte made his dramatic last stand in 1815.

8 hrs

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Half Day City

Brussels is the capital of both Belgium and the European Union, and boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the region. On this 4 hour tour, experience both the monuments of historical Belgium, as well as the city’s modern flair. Start with the Grand Place, at the center of the city.  Golden Facades and Gothic Spires dominate the square, while winding streets lead off to myriad shops selling the beer, chocolate, and waffle deserts that Belgium is famous for.  Down one of these streets is the Manneken Pis, a fountain statue acknowledged as the symbol of the city. Above the central area is the Royal Palace, and on the way there are stops at the impressive Sint Michael’s cathedral and Sablon Square. Finally, continue to the east side of the city, visit the imposing Espace Leopold. A massive arrangement of several modern glass buildings, the complex is home to most activities of the EU Parliament, and other European institutions.

4 hrs

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Half Day Waterloo

Just south of Brussels lies the town of Waterloo, site of one of history’s most important battles, and the destination of this 4 hour day trip. It was there in 1815 that Napoleon Bonaparte suffered his final defeat, ending the French Empire. Almost 200,000 soldiers from nations across Europe participated. In the town is the preserved building which served as headquarters to the victorious British commander, the Duke of Wellington, and which now holds a museum of the battle.  On the battleground itself is the Lion’s Mound, built in the 1820s. Crowned by a golden lion and pedestal, the tall artificial hill offers panoramic views of the field below. At its feet is a rotunda showcasing a panoramic painting of the struggle. Around the area can be found the memorial at Hougoumont Farm, as well as sites dedicated to soldiers from each nation. After touring the fields, stop by picturesque Gaasbeek Castle before returning to Brussels.

4 hrs

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Full Day Bruges/Ghent

Despite being Belgium’s capital, the country’s traditions and culture can sometimes be hard to find in cosmopolitan Brussels. Discover this unique identity on an 8 hour excursion to the cities of Ghent and Bruges. Drive through the scenic Flemish countryside to arrive at Ghent, a town whose medieval heritage integrates seamlessly into its modern cityscape. Among the highlights are the Gravensteen Castle, where the Counts of Flanders once held court, and the Gothic facades of the guild houses along Graslei quay. The most famous attraction, however, is Jan van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece, one of the seminal achievements of the Northern Renaissance. The second half of the tour explores the romantic atmosphere of Bruges. Amongst its picturesque canals is a cityscape frozen in time. From Burg Square, visit Gothic wonders including the town hall and the towering Belfry. Finish at the Church of Our Lady, where Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child offers both inherent beauty and a fascinating history. On the return to Brussels, admire the rows of iconic windmills that dot the region.

10 hrs

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