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Chase the Northern Lights in a Super Jeep

A journey to Iceland’s Northern Lights has an adventurer’s name written all over it. Between mid-September and mid-April, travelers throughout the world descend on this European nation to watch the Aurora Borealis dance in green and red drapes, in misty shapes across the sky.

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norway 2017


Journey to an oasis of traditional Norwegian Life

AutoVenture’s specialty is guiding travelers to jewels off of the beaten path, and enriching its guests’ experiences with splendid, unexpected discoveries.

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vienna 2017


A dazzling display of holiday charm

Visiting Vienna is a feast for the senses no matter what time of year you visit, from its opulent palaces, incomparable classical music, expansive gardens and gourmet dining. But visit during the holidays, and your cup will runneth over with world-famous outdoor festivals and markets.

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prague 2016


Prague: AutoVenture takes you off the beaten path

In addition to its legendary coffee houses, cuisine and some of the finest beer you’ll never quaff, Prague offers an enchanting wonderland of history, culture and quirkiness. Thankfully, with an AutoVenture private, expert guide, you’ll get closer to the culture and enjoy some of the Czech capital’s more unorthodox charms.

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berlin 2016


"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

Those words, trumpeted in 1987 by U.S. President Ronald Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate, separating East and West Berlin, served as a capstone to the West’s long efforts to reunite a divided Germany. Twenty-nine months later, on November 9, 1989, East Germany opened the gate, and a reunited country dismantled the Berlin Wall, which had divided the people since 1961.

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Your private boat excursion

If Odysseus had to be tied to his ship’s mast to resist the seductive songs of Capri’s sirens, just imagine the effect this mythical island will have on you.

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german christmas


T'is the Season

With another Oktoberfest put to bed for the year, winter is a delicious time to take a southern swing through Germany on AutoVenture’s Romantic Road tour.

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croatia wine


Croatian wine country: A wine enthusiast's oasis

Sipping wine, gazing at historic castles and the bluest Adriatic waters with the warm sun overhead — it all melds together to create an epiphany about how wonderful it is to be alive.

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dublin distillery


A flavorful tradition reborn

One of the delicious perks of Irish life is to relax with a glass of the Emerald Isle’s nectar of the gods: Irish whiskey. And you can leave it to AutoVenture to squire you to one of the finest distilleries in the land.

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Apaixone-se pelo Porto (fall in love with Porto)

To fall in love with Porto is to unhinge yourself from your cares back in the New World, and immerse yourself in charms of an Iberian coastal city with bell towers and cobblestone streets. Porto will lure you with its cafés, lose you in its labyrinth of wine cellars and romance you with dancing in the plaza.

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