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Half Day City

Perched at the very edge of Europe, the Portugese capital offers a laid back atmosphere, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of highlights to fill this 4 hour sightseeing tour. Begin in downtown Lisbon with the Avenida de Liberdade. The city’s triumphant boulevard, it connects the waterfront with the north of the city through a forested stretch of plazas and commemorative statues. At the edge of the Tagus River, visit the Praca do Comercio. Originally the site of the Portuguese imperial palace, it was remade into a public plaza and colonnade after the catastrophic earthquake of 1755. Next, follow the riverbank west to the barrio of Belem. The waterfront area here boasts many of Lisbon’s landmarks, including the 16th century Belem Tower, and the Monument to Discoveries. The most stunning site, however, is the Jeronimos Monastery. Built in the Manueline Gothic style unique to Portugal, it features typical Gothic elements mixed with several marine and nautical motifs. Finally, visit the stately Museum of Coaches, where horse drawn royal carriages from across Europe are exhibited.

4 hrs

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Half Day Sintra (Coastal Route)

Lisbon is startlingly close to the natural wonder of Portugal’s Atlantic coast, making possible this stunning 4 hour tour. Following the road out of Lisbon, through Cascais, refuge of Portugal’s wealthiest elites and a popular vacation destination. Around its coastline are a series of sandy beaches interrupted by towering cliffs, including the famous Boca do Inferno. Turn northward while passing Guincho Beach, a popular surf and swimming destination famous across Iberia. Pause next at the promontory of Cabo da Roca, Continental Europe’s western limit, overlooking the Atlantic. Finally, head back inland to the hilltop town of Sintra. Among its many sights are a ruined Moorish castle, as well as the Romantic Pena National Palace. A variety of vibrant colors differentiate the various wings of the castle, each with a unique architectural finish. On clear days, the ocean can be seen in the distance. 

4 hrs

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Airport - Half Day City Tour - Pier

Don’t miss out on the wonders of Portugal’s capital, and make the most of your transfer with this 4 hour package.  Before setting sail to explore the Iberian Coast, enjoy 3 hours of sightseeing featuring Lisbon’s best attractions. After pickup from the airport, cruise the forested squares of the Avenida de Liberdade on the way to the banks of the Tagus River. Explore the fantastic Belem district, featuring the impressive Monument to Discoveries commemorating Portugal’s role in the Age of Exploration. Finally, see the Jeronimos Monastery, a masterpiece of Manueline Architecture displaying the unique syntheses of Gothic and nautical elements. Finish the trip with waterfront views before arriving at the cruise terminal.

4 hrs

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Full Day City

Lisbon, Europe’s westernmost capital, is a city on the rise. Experience all it has to offer on this 8 hour city tour. Start the day with the Avenida de Liberdade, the central boulevard of the city. Its tree-lined streets lead to Rossio Square, the heart of public life since the Middle Ages. Next, visit the oldest part of Lisbon, Alfama, with its steep winding streets and Moorish roots. The Sao Jorge Castle crowns one of the city’s 7 hills, and was pivotal throughout the Middle Ages to Christians and Muslims vying for control. Also in Alfama is the Monastery of Sao Vicente de Fora, a Mannerist church with splendid marble interiors and the extravagant royal tombs of the Braganza Pantheon. The Second half of the day features the Belem district. Here, along the shore of the Tagus River, you will find the Monument to Discoveries, an elaborate plaza of mosaic pavement in the shape of a compass rose, adorned with a towering sculpture of Portugal’s many navigators and monarchs from the Age of Exploration. Finally, end the day at the Jeronimos Monastery, a masterpiece of Portugal’s own Manueline Gothic style.

8 hrs

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Full Day Sintra (Hills Route)

Elaborate palaces, bucolic countryside, and ocean vistas dominate this 8 hour excursion through Lisbon’s charming surroundings. From the city, head through the Monsanto Forest, an ecological preserve with beautiful hilltop views, and onward to Quelez. The National Palace of Quelez is an 18th century Rococo villa, and was the seat of the Monarch for much of the 18th and 19th centuries. Another Palace awaits at Mafra, the next stop on the journey. A truly imposing complex combining a palace, basilica, and monastery in the Baroque style, it was the preferred summer retreat of many monarchs. Funded by the gold rush in colonial Brazil, the towering yellow facades house an exquisite church of white and pink marble, featuring 6 separate pipe organs. After Mafra, continue to the main destination, Sintra. A charming hillside town, the area is a UNESCO Heritage Site recognized for its stunning palaces. The Sintra National Palace, in the center of town, is a fascinating blend of Gothic and Moorish styles, and is a living testament to the culture of the 15th century Reconquista period. Atop the hill above town is the Pena National Palace, whose brightly colored towers command views of the distant Atlantic. The tour finishes with a scenic drive back to Lisbon along the coast through Cascais and Estoril.

8 hrs

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Full Day Fatima, Nazare & Obidos

Venture into the Portuguese countryside, where Christian sanctuaries and picturesque villages make excellent destinations on this 8 hour day trip. North of Lisbon, the first stop is at the citadel of Obidos. Largely intact, its medieval walls and towers provide a romantic trip into the past. Continue north to the city of Alcobaca, where the Gothic monastery houses the tombs of King Pedro I and his mistress, Ines de Castro. Stop at the coastal villages of Nazare, where sandy beaches are known to surfers worldwide. After a short drive, visit another monastery in the town of Batalha. A beautiful Gothic complex, it houses the tombs of the medieval Aviz dynasty of kings. Finally, reach the town of Fatima. One of the holiest sites in Christianity, it was here that the Virgin Mary is purported to have appeared to 3 children and revealed prophetic secrets in 1917. In one of these incidents, a crowd of thousands, including newspaper reporters, witnessed an unexplained solar event, cementing the legacy of the site. Today, the site is venerated by pilgrims year round, and hosts two large churches: the Sanctuary of Fatima over the exact site of the apparitions, and the modern Church of the Holy Trinity, one of the largest churches in the world.

9 hrs

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