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Half Day City

One of the jewels of Central Europe, Prague has been a center of European culture for centuries. On this 4 hour tour, experience this legacy through some of the city’s most famous landmarks. Begin in Mala Strana, Prague’s west side, and home to its hilltop castle. Although the medieval fortifications have given way to 19th century palaces, the complex still boasts the St. Vitus Cathedral, whose 14th century Gothic design is the country’s best. Descending from the castle, you will pass the Church of St. Nicholas, a stunning display of Baroque architecture. Cross into Old Town Prague over the Charles Bridge. The 14th century stone bridge is guarded by Gothic towers on both sides, and is decorated with a series of 17th century Baroque statues spaced along its length. Drive through Prague’s Jewish Quarter, where beautiful synagogues showcase a rich, if somewhat bygone, heritage. Finish the day with Old Town Square, featuring the famous Astronomical Clock. 

4 hrs

$480 —  $570

Half Day Walking

Explore the historic center of Prague on this 4 hour walking tour. concentrated in the neighborhoods of Old Town and New Town, which, despite its name, dates from the 14th century. First, at Old Town Square, see some of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, including the Tyn Church and Astronomical Clock. Adjacent to the square is the Josefov Jewish Quarter, where stunning synagogues pay tribute to a once thriving center of European Judaism. Stroll past a beautiful array of Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings on the way to Wenceslas Square. The final stop on the tour, the square is home to vibrant shopping and nightlife, as well as the legacy of the Prague Spring and Velvet Revolution against communist rule.  

4 hrs

$210 —  $210

Konopiste Castle - Open April through October, Closed Mondays

Located to the south of Prague, the estate of Konopiste makes for a fascinating day trip on this 6 hour tour package. Originally a Baroque period hunting lodge, the complex gained fame as the home of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the Habsburg monarchy, whose assassination sparked World War I. In addition to its breathtaking views and brilliant gardens, the chateau’s lavishly decorated interiors provide a window into the taste and lifestyle of Austria’s Imperial nobility. Franz Ferdinand’s impressive personal collections of hunting trophies and medieval weapons and armor are featured as well.

6 hrs

$570 —  $820

Full Day City

Explore the city of Prague in its entirety on this 8 hour sightseeing tour. Begin your journey at Vysehrad fortress overlooking the Vltava River. Home to some of Prague’s oldest buildings, the hilltop provides spectacular views of the historic city below. Cross to the west bank of the river and climb to the top of Petrin hill to reach Strahov Monastery. Here you will be struck by the stucco and fresco ceilings of the library, done in extravagant Rococo flourish. Prague Castle is next, where the St. Vitus Gothic Cathedral rises above a variety of palaces, including the former Royal Palace, which houses the Bohemian Crown Jewels. Part of the complex is the Golden Lane, a row of colorful medieval homes once home to Franz Kafka. After exploring the castle complex, cross back to Old Town to see the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square, with the Astronomical Clock.  Finally, get a taste of modern Prague at the bustling Wenceslas Square.

8 hrs

$745 —  $780

Full Day Karlstejn & Plzen

Take a trip to the Czech Republic’s western countryside and visit the town of Plzen on this 8 hour day trip from Prague. Long a center of Industry and manufacturing, Plzen is most famous as the birthplace of the Pilsner style of beer, and the brewery responsible, Pilsner Urquell. In addition to the beer related attractions, Plzen offers lively public squares, colorful Baroque streets, and a towering Gothic Cathedral. Finish the trip with a stop at Karlstejn Castle, the most famous in Bohemia. Originally built in 1348 by Charles IV as a repository for his Bohemian and Imperial Crown Regalia, the fortress holds the history of Central Europe’s frequent wars.  Having been damaged and rebuilt several times, the current Romantic Gothic appearance from the late 19th century complements the various architectural styles beneath it. 

8 hrs

$780 —  $820

Full Day Kutna Hora & Sedlec Ossuary

Head into the hills east of Prague to explore the city of Kutna Hora on this 6 hour day trip. A city that for centuries rivaled Prague as the focus of Bohemian culture and politics, Kutna Hora’s history is rich in a very literal sense. Beginning in the 13th century, the nearby mines produced a wealth of silver, which the town converted into some of Europe’s most famous coins. The testaments to this wealth can be found in the majestic spires and stained glass of St. Barbara’s Church, and in the Italian Court, a lavish palace that was originally the royal mint. Continue to the outside of town to visit the Sedlec Ossuary. As the town’s fortunes unraveled due to plague and warfare in the 17th century, this monastery hosted increasingly massive graveyards. In 1870, the bones of more than 40,000 bodies were transformed into fantastically elaborate, if macabre, decorations for the Ossuary chapel.

6 hrs

$570 —  $610

Full Day Hluboka & Ceske Budejovice

Travel up the Vltava River into Southern Bohemia on this 10 hour excursion to Ceske Budjovice. Founded in the 13th century, the city has been the capital of the region for centuries. At the center of town is Ottokar II Square, where the marvelous town hall facade forms the cornerstone to a rainbow of Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical buildings ringing the plaza. Also worth visiting is the Budweiser Brewery, whose beer inspired the Anheuser-Busch version of the same name. Following the Vltava back towards Prague leads to the picturesque Bohemian countryside and the fantastical Castle Hluboka. Although the site was occupied by strategic fortresses for much of its history, the current castle is a romantically ornate Neo-Gothic recreation, designed to evoke notions of Windsor Castle in England. Within its artfully crenellated ramparts is a diverse collection of art, artifacts, weaponry, and decorations from throughout the castle’s history. 

10 hrs

$955 —  $985

Full Day Karlovy Vary

The European Belle Epoque remains alive at the resort of Karlovy Vary, where old world luxury waits around every corner. Located to the west of Prague, it makes an easy escape with this 10 hour day trip. Long known as Karlsbad, the town was renowned as a source of healing hot springs since the Middle Ages, and grew from a Bohemian retreat to a fixture of European aristocratic life during the height of the Habsburg Empire. The famous springs provide healing mineral waters for drinking, while resort pools provide ample bathing and swimming. The valley’s winding streets form cascades of colorful late Baroque facades, and its parks are laced with extravagant colonnades. In addition to the many lux hotels and spas, the town is home to the famous Becherovka liqueur, and the Moser Glassworks. 

10 hrs

$955 —  $985


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