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Half Day Modern

Discover what makes Paris famous the world over with this 4 hour tour of its most monumental sights. You begin with the Champs Elysees, over a mile of promenade framed by green trees and countless luxury storefronts stretching from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de Concorde. From there you will explore the right bank of the river Seine, stopping at the Madeleine Church and the Paris Opera. Next, crossing back over the river you will arrive at Les Invalides, home to France’s military heritage and the extravagant tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. A short distance away you will finally track down the most recognizable of all landmarks, the Eiffel Tower. The tour finishes in the Montmartre district, of Moulin Rouge fame and home to the basilica of Sacre Coeur.

4 hrs / 35 km

$400 $610 $500

Half Day Historical

Relive the wonders of Paris as it once was, visiting sights that tell the city's history through their own legacy and architecture. The 4 hour tour begins at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Situated in the heart of the city on an island in the Seine, it is one of the most iconic and recognizable churches in the world. Next you will visit the site of the Bastille, where the French Revolution began. Also included are the Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens, each a leisurely, green respite from the crowded streets. Finally, the tour includes the Latin Quarter, home to delicious bistros and the historic Sorbonne University. 

4 hrs / 35 km

$400 $610 $500

Half Day Versailles with guide (Closed Monday)

Experience the height of Parisian luxury with this 4 hour excursion to its most sumptuous settings. Begin with the neighborhood of Saint Cloud. Just outside the city center, the area is home to lavish private estates, nestled within dense, picturesque forests. Continuing on, you will arrive at the infamously extravagant Palace of Versailles. Tales of the Palace’s size are not to be underestimated, but your own personal guide will make your time there more than manageable. Included are the expansive gardens, the Royal Chapel and apartments and, of course, the Hall of Mirrors.

4 hrs / 70 km

$1200 $1460 $1320

Half Day Giverny (April Through October)

Escape into a past rich with artistic legacy on this 4 hour excursion to Giverny. Famed as the home of Claude Monet, this sleepy hamlet lies in southern Normandy, an easy drive north of Paris. On your way to Giverny, discover, as he did, the Vexin Français, a beautiful region of rolling hills around the Seine River. La Roche Guyon, whose 12th century Castle and 17th century palace justify its listing among the most beautiful village in France is next, and finally Fourges, a picture perfect village with its watermill and restaurant by the famous River Epte. Upon reaching Giverny, discover the seminal inspiration behind the Impressionist movement as you explore this bucolic retreat. Awaiting you are the gardens immortalized in Monet’s Water Lilies, as well as the artist’s home and workshop.

4 hrs / 200 km

$730 $1110 $945


Watch the “City of Love” become the “City of Lights” as Paris’s already fantastic boulevards become brilliantly illuminated promenades. Schedule one of our 4 hour tours in the evening to experience the vibrant nightlife of the Latin Quarter and surreal streets of Montmartre. Gaze up at the glittering of the Eiffel tower’s nightly light shows, or head to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur for a panoramic view of the city’s lights. 

4 hrs / 35 km

$546 $765 $660

Full Day City

Perhaps no city in the world can match the variety and number of landmarks that cluster Paris’s city center, and you can experience them all with this epic 8 hour sightseeing tour. Buildings that testify to all ages will combine to amaze you from the medieval heritage of Notre Dame and the Sorbonne, to the excess of the Ancien Regime displayed at the Louvre and Luxembourg Gardens, and to the Belle Epoque magnificence of the Eiffel tower and Montmarte. In total, this long list of attractions will exceed even the sum of its parts, leaving you with a lasting memory of the French capital.

8 hrs / 50 km

$840 $1230 $1030

Full Day Versailles & Giverny including guide (Closed Monday)

The ultimate escape from Paris, this 8 hour excursion will remove you from the overwhelming cityscape and leave you amongst newfound tranquility and luxury. Including all of the highlights from our Versailles and Giverny 4 hour packages, this full day adventure includes the personal guided tour of Versailles, as well as private transportation between Paris and the outlying destinations. 

8 hrs / 200 km

$2110 $2705 $2360

Full Day Chartres

Despite the iconic status of Notre Dame and the royal history of the Cathedral at Reims, France’s most celebrated gothic cathedral is found in Chartres. Located south of Paris, the Chartres Cathedral serves as the main attraction on this 8 hour day trip. Before reaching it however, there is a stop at Rambouillet. Here can be found a medieval chateau, re-imagined over the centuries as both a Royal and Presidential residence, surrounded by impressive gardens. Upon reaching Chartres, two unique spires rise majestically before you above the town’s rooftops. The Cathedral literally crowns the city skyline, complete with three distinct gothic facades, and spectacularly preserved stained glass windows. 

8 hrs / 200 km

$1190 $1780 $1470

Full Day Fontainebleau (Closed Tuesday)

While Versailles may be the grandest of the Royal estates, it is certainly not the only one. Journey to the Palace of Fontainebleau on this 8 hour day trip from Paris. You will first reach the small village of Barbizon, and witness the rural life and landscapes that inspired the Mid-19th century Barbizon school of painting, a precursor to the Impressionist movement. Once at Fontainebleau, the visage of the grand chateau set against the dense forest surrounding will spur the imagination. Bearing the rich history of France’s Royal Court, the Palace at Fontainebleau is nestled in a beautiful and vast park and renowned for its architecture and interior decoration by European masters. 

8 hrs / 200 km

$1045 $1560 $1290

Full Day Normandy

Explore an entirely new side of France with this 10 hour trip to the historic region of Normandy. Your first destination will be Bayeux, home to the history of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, with a stunning Gothic Cathedral and the famous Bayeux Tapestry. The history of another conquest is told in the next stretch of the tour, which begins with the D-Day Museum in Arromanches, where the allied force set up their main harbor after invading Nazi occupied Europe in 1944. Other sites relevant to the World War II Allied invasion are Omaha Beach, the American Cemetery, and the battle site at Pointe du Hoc.

10 hrs / 700 km

$2070 $3105 $2380

Full Day Champagne Country

No trip to France would be complete without experiencing firsthand the world renowned Champagne region. Make the pilgrimage to this wine lovers paradise with this 10 hour day trip from Paris. The outing begins in the city of Reims, where, before you dive into the local wine, you will spend some time sampling the historic architecture. The towering Reims Cathedral is a fine example of gothic construction, and hosted the coronation of the Kings of France. Wine connoisseurs will find the tour begins in earnest with the historic Mumm Champagne House. Afterward the tour shifts to Epernay, home to the Mercier, De Castellane, and Moet & Chandon Champagne houses. 

10 hrs / 350 km

$1555 $2485 $1865


Standard Sedan 1‑3 paxLuxury Sedan 1‑3 pax Minivan 1‑6 pax
CDG - Hotels $295 $495 $375
Orly - Hotels $295 $495 $375
Rail Stations - Hotels $195 $295 $255
CDG - Orly $440 $645 $540
Paris - Disneyland $345 $605 $415
Paris - Le Havre $1635 $2425 $2065
Paris - Rouen $1510 $1820 $1675
Paris - Reims $1585 $1915 $1675
Paris - Brussels $2975 $3720 $3120
Paris - Calais $2730 $3395 $2850
Paris - Cherbourg $3565 $4475 $3740
Paris - Dijon $2730 $3395 $2850
Paris - Tours $2340 $2910 $2450


Sightseeing (Based on Avignon)

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Half Day Avignon & Pont du Gard

Located in the heart of Southern France, Avignon claims both scenic views of the Rhone River valley and a rich array of cultural landmarks that demonstrate its history. On this 4 hour tour, see the physical remains of the 14th century Avignon Papacy, including the fantastic gothic palace where the Popes chose to rule, instead of Rome. Among the other medieval wonders is the Pont d’Avignon, a 12th century bridge which now only partially spans the river. Finally, visit the Pont du Gard just outside the city. Towering over the River Gardon, the majesty of this Roman aqueduct’s stacked arches is rivaled only by the impressive engineering of its design.

4 hrs

$680 $1030 $790

Half Day Les Baux, St. Remy and Arles

See for yourself why the monumental remnants of historical Provence have long been settings of inspiration on this 4 hour journey. The first of these is the citadel of Les Baux: a medieval fortress perched atop a towering rocky hilltop, commanding panoramic views of the countryside below. The ruined castle hosts regular demonstrations using its extensive collection of medieval catapults. Next is Saint Remy, whose skyline is immortalized in Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The tour finishes with the spectacular Roman ruins of Arles, including an arena, theater, and bath complex.

4 hrs

$680 $1030 $790

Full Day Provence

Explore all that the Southern French countryside has to offer with this 8 hour day of sightseeing across Provence. The day begins in Aix-en-Provence where shaded avenues, lavish houses, and glittering fountains decorate the region’s historical capital. Continue on to Avignon, where the medieval Palais des Papes once housed the Papal court. More medieval wonder is in store at the fortress of Les Baux, where towering ruined parapets and dramatic views await. The heritage of the first Roman province outside Italy is kept alive by the aqueduct of Pont du Gard, and the monumental ruins in St. Remy and Arles, where the tour will finish.

8 hrs

$1065 $1555 $1090

Full Day Vaison-la-Romaine & Luberon

Traverse the rolling hills and valleys of the Luberon mountains to discover the hidden gems of Provence on this 9 hour tour. In the morning, set out towards Vaison-la-Romaine. Here you will find three villages in one: Roman, Medieval and Modern. Each part of town holds its own nostalgic charm, be it in the airy columns of a Roman villa or quaint, winding paths of the medieval hilltop. Climbing further into the hills, you will reach the hamlet of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, where the River Sorgue springs from the imposing cliffs behind town. The first of the Luberon hilltops, Gordes, is the next stop.  Here you will be charmed by the serene Senanque Abbey, with its rustic chapel and rolling lavender fields. Also in Gordes is the mysterious stone Village des Bories, a collection of stone huts with unknown origins. Finish the day with jaunts through the various hilltop towns, including Menerbes and Bonnieux.

9 hrs

$1190 $1815 $1275


Sedan 1‑2 paxLuxury Sedan 1‑2 pax Minivan 1‑7 pax
Marseilles - Nice $1025 $1590 $1325
Marseilles - Les Baux $395 $520 $485
Marseilles - Avignon $290 $655 $560
Marseilles - Aix-en-Provence $290 $655 $560
Avignon - Nice $1230 $1590 $1325
Avignon - Les Baux $195 $295 $230
Avignon - Aix-en-Provence $310 $415 $415



Sedan 1‑3 paxLuxury Sedan 1‑3 pax Minivan 1‑7 pax

Half Day Nice

The jewel of the Cote d’Azur, Nice is known the world over for its Mediterranean luxury. Find out why it has been an object of aristocratic obsession for centuries on this 4 hour survey of its most famous sights. Begin with a stroll down the Promenade des Anglais, which stretches down the coastline alongside a white ribbon of sandy beaches, culminating in the city harbor. Mont Boron overlooks the city to the east, and is the next stop for panoramic views. Returning to the city itself, you will find a variety of sights to pique any interests, from museums dedicated to Chagall and Matisse, to ancient churches and Roman ruins, and even a spectacular Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

4 hrs

$655 $980 $705

Half Day Monte Carlo

Both natural beauty and material excess abound on this 4 hour trip through the east Riviera. With almost every road offering breathtaking Mediterranean vistas, the journey itself becomes an attraction. Begin on the highest of these drives, the Grand Corniche, and wind into luxurious Monte Carlo from the north, passing by the towering Roman monument at La Turbie. Monte Carlo itself more than exceeds its reputation for splendor, with its famous casino just a sample of the opulent gardens and residences that crowd the hillside. Imagine the rush of racing as you wind down the streets that double as Grand Prix racetrack before finishing with the hilltop village of Eze.

4 hrs

$655 $980 $705

Half Day St. Paul & Vence

Venture into the hills above Nice to find a cache of hidden gems on this 4 hour excursion. Located above the city to the west, this area is littered with hilltop villages off the beaten path, each with their own treasures. Begin in Saint-Laurent-du-Ver, the biggest shopping district in Nice, and climb first to scenic viewpoints at Gattieres and Saint-Jeannet. At Vence, you can visit the Chappelle du Rosaire, which Henri Matisse considered his own masterpiece. The Final stop is at Saint-Paul-de-Vence, where renowned galleries of modern and contemporary art are nestled seamlessly into a charming medieval village.

4 hrs

$655 $980 $705

Full Day Monte Carlo & Menton

The eastern stretch of the Riviera is the setting for this 8 hour journey. Wind out of Nice on the lofty Grand Corniche, driving cliff-side above the spectacular Mediterranean coast. The exhilarating drive will ease back toward sea level upon reaching Menton. Known as the “Pearl of France,” Menton literally forms the cornerstone of the French Riviera, book-ending the Cote d’Azur against the Italian border.  It is home to picturesque beaches, a bustling waterfront, and fabulous gardens. Returning westward down the coast shifts the tour to Monte Carlo. The archetype of resort towns, Monte Carlo’s grandeur is hardly limited to its famous casino.  Magnificent architecture can be found tucked away on every winding street, and especially at the fairy-tale worthy Prince’s Palace.

8 hrs

$1440 $2135 $1540

Full Day Riviera

The full majesty of the Riviera is on display on this 8 hour Grand tour of the Cote d’Azur. Over 40 miles of crystal clear water and captivating coastal vista stretch from Monte Carlo in the east to Cannes in the west. Highlights along the way include the lavish villas and gardens of Cap Ferrat, the panoramic promontory of Eze, hilltop villages at Vence and Saint Paul, and the spectacular beaches of Antibes. The coast also offers spectacular museums dedicated to modern masters, including collections by Matisse and Chagall at Nice and Picasso at Antibes. Cannes, the final destination, is a hotbed of contemporary art, hosting festivals of music, art, and most famously film.

8 hrs

$1440 $2135 $1540


Sedan 1‑2 paxLuxury Sedan 1‑2 pax Minivan 1‑5 pax
Airport - Nice $160 $240 $175
Nice - Cannes $295 $430 $315
Nice - Antibes $235 $390 $280
Nice - Monte Carlo $315 $460 $355
Nice - Beaulieu-sur-Mer $265 $390 $285
Nice - St. Jean Cap Ferrat $265 $390 $285
Nice- St. Paul de Vence $260 $390 $280
Nice - St. Tropez $800 $1195 $860
Nice - Marseilles $1165 $1700 $1240
Nice - San Remo $555 $895 $670
Nice - Genova $1325 $1925 $1410
Nice - Florence $2495 $3640 $2655
Nice - Milan $1875 $2750 $2000
Nice - Avignon $1165 $1700 $1240
Nice - Aix-en-Provence $1170 $1705 $1245

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