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Half Day City

Located halfway between the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the peaks of the Andes, the Chilean capital of Santiago offers its best on this 4 hour sightseeing tour. Begin the day with the hill of Santa Lucia, a city park filled with late 19th century fountains and monuments, as well as views of the city. Driving back into downtown, visit the Moneda Palace, where the President of Chile resides. Next is the city’s historic center, the Plaza de Armas, surrounded by buildings ranging in style from Neoclassical columns to Modern glass facades, and bustling with both locals and travelers alike. Finish the trip atop San Cristobal Hill, where the city unfolds below in panoramic vistas. 

4 hrs

$285 —  $355

Full Day Valparaiso/Vina del Mar

Just a short drive from the capital, the port of Valparaiso is one of Chile’s cultural hotbeds, and a stunning gateway to the Pacific Coast. Begin this 8 hour day trip in the city center at Plaza Sotomayor, featuring the brilliant blue facade of the Naval Building. The tree lined streets sweep up into the city’s many hills, and boast charming buildings in a variety of colors and styles. Overlooking the harbor is the Santa Maria University, one of the best in South America and a celebrated display of Chilean architecture. Next is the resort town of Viña del Mar. Originating as a refuge for the elites of Valparaiso, the city has become much more accessible, but retains its well deserved reputation for beachside luxury. Finally, before returning to Santiago, enjoy stops at the sun-drenched sands of Concon and Las Lilenes.

8 hrs

$705 —  $1085

Full Day from Valparaiso to Santiago and return

From pier itself or your hotel in Chile’s largest port, spend a day seeing the best sights the country has to offer. Visit highlights in both Valparaiso and Santiago on this 8 hour trip. Drive along the shores of the Pacific Ocean admiring the colorful array of architecture in Valparaiso, and the pristine sandy beaches of Concon and Las Lilenes. Next, head inland to the capital of Santiago. In the city center, visit the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and the Plaza de Armas. Take a moment to rest amongst the green tranquility and monumental fountains at the hill of Santa Lucia before continuing the tour. You will visit the convent of San Francisco, the oldest colonial building in Chile, and home to a museum. Finally, visit La Moneda Palace, home to the President of Chile, before returning to Valparaiso via the capital’s various residential districts.

8 hrs

$585 —  $1085

Full Day Pomaire & Isla Negra

Take a break from the bustling sprawl of the capital and escape to the Chilean countryside with this 8 hour tour package. Head southwest out of Santiago to the Pacific Ocean, reaching the coastal hamlet of Isla Negra. Formed around the home of Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet, diplomat, and Nobel Laureate, Isla Negra’s role as an inspiration is inescapable. Neruda’s residence is now a museum testifying to his lifestyle, method, and passions, including his love of all things nautical and various collections of trinkets. The town’s natural beauty is complemented by a vibrant artistic community, drawn together by Neruda’s example. Afterward, begin the return to Santiago through the hills to discover Pomaire. An otherwise sleepy and typical Chilean village, Pomaire’s workshops utilize the naturally abundant clay to produce pottery famous throughout the country. Several shops offer kitchenwares, sculptures, and more.

8 hrs

$760 —  $985

Wines of Maipo Alto Valley with guide

Famous for its red wines, particularly its Cabernet Sauvignon, the high Maipo area is one of Chile’s signature wine regions. Take a day trip from Santiago to experience it for yourself with this 8 hour tour package. Gripping the lower slopes of the Chilean Andes, the region’s unique geography separates the day into equally intense periods of sunlit warmth and shaded cool, which make for bold yet elegant wines. In addition to Cabernet Sauvignon, the vineyards notably raise Carménère and Syrah. The tour includes transportation to and from the valley, with a driver-guide well versed in the region and able to direct your chosen itinerary, or provide one of our own.

8 hrs

$570 —  $725

Wines of Casablanca Valley with guide

Although not as steeped in tradition as its famous neighbors, the Casablanca Valley has proven itself a capable and accomplished wine region since its first planting in the 1980s. Located to the not-too-distant west of Santiago, this rising player in the international wine scene makes for an excellent destination on this 8 hour trip. Unlike most of Chile’s older vineyards, the Casablanca region has made its name in the production of white wines, particularly Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, due to its proximity to the ocean, and therefore its characteristic foggy and cloudy climate. The tour includes transportation to and from the valley, with a driver-guide well versed in the region and able to direct your chosen itinerary, or provide one of our own.

8 hrs

$655 —  $825

Wines of Colchagua Valley with guide

Stretching from the Andes to the Pacific south of Santiago, the Colchagua Valley is Chile’s viticultural paradise. On this 8 hour day trip, experience the best in Chilean wine. Like the Casablanca valley, and many others in Chile, the previously rustic area has seen an explosion of productivity, while fortunately still clinging to its heritage. The result is a picturesque valley with the scenery and scale of Napa, but unmistakably Chilean in its traditions, flair, and flavor. Rated the “World’s Best Wine Region of 2005” by Wine Enthusiast, the vineyards of Colchagua offer world class Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère and Merlot, among countless others. The tour includes transportation to and from the valley, with a driver-guide well versed in the region and able to direct your chosen itinerary, or provide one of our own.   

8 hrs

$880 —  $1145

Pier - Santiago - AP

8 hrs

$1070 —  $1425


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