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A flavorful tradition reborn

One of the delicious perks of Irish life is to relax with a glass of the Emerald Isle’s nectar of the gods: Irish whiskey. And you can leave it to AutoVenture to squire you to one of the finest distilleries in the land.

The traditional heart of Irish whiskey is to be found in Dublin, a standing being rekindled by the Teeling Whiskey Distillery — the first new distillery in Dublin in over 125 years.

This recent opening represents a full circle for the Teeling family, which has been crafting Irish whiskey since 1782. The new distillery is located just a stone's throw away from where patriarch Walter Teeling’s old distillery was, in an ancient market square called Newmarket. The new distillery is a three copper pot still operation that revives the traditional style of Dublin whiskey distillation.

For the uninitiated, Irish whiskey has a smoother finish as opposed to the smoky, earthy overtones common to some Scotches. During the 19th century, Dublin whiskey was recognized as the premier whiskey in the world. But over time, Irish whiskey in Dublin faded away. But now Teeling is capturing the hearts and palates of Dubliners, and gold medals from spirits industry judges and connoisseurs.

With AutoVenture, you’ll get a tour of the distillery and a chance to sip Teeling’s award-winning Small Batch, Single Grain and Single Malt whiskeys. If you’re really feeling adventurous, sample Teeling’s Poitin, a spirit illegal in Ireland for 300 years. It lives up to its reputation as one of the strongest spirits on the planet, with an unbelievably intense flavor experience.

This special AutoVenture expedition promises to be a full-bodied, delicious tour of a tradition reborn.

For those unfamiliar with Ireland, an AutoVenture guided tour is the surest way of getting closest to the culture, and of capturing an unforgettable land.

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