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Buenos Aires

A la vida guacho

If you weren’t in South America, speaking Spanish, you might think you were in a European city. Buenos Aires’ wide avenues, sidewalk restaurants and vast complex of city parks (Bosques de Palermo) are almost too big to appreciate in one visit. But with your AutoVenture private car and guide, you’ll get closer to the culture and enjoy the best of Buenos Aires. You’ll quickly appreciate why the Argentines revel in the richness of their grand architecture, monuments, cuisine, futból (soccer), opera and dance.

After reveling in the splendor of the city, you’ll experience the heart of Argentine culture with a guided tour of the Pampas (La Pampa), located just outside the city. The rich grasslands of the Pampas are the traditional home of Argentina’s gauchos, the nation’s horsemen and cattle herders who raise the world’s finest beef. The region is renowned for exporting hides, meat, wool and wheat.

Your full-day trip through the gorgeous countryside includes a visit to the Estancia Santa Susana. This popular, 2,965-acre ranch offers horseback tours, an open-fire barbecue feast, and plenty of wine and beer to get your legs ready for the tango. Most exciting is the gaucho riding demonstration, “carreras de sortijas.” You’ll shout “Viva! Viva!” when a gaucho on horseback, at full gallop, plucks a small ring suspended from a pole, using only a small twig.

With AutoVenture as your guide, you’ll appreciate why Buenos Aires is ranked among the world’s most enchanting destinations.


Buenos Aires is home to the birthplace of Tango!


Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is the fourth biggest city on earth.

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