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Get a riveting, behind-the-scenes tour of the DMZ

The wall may have come down in Berlin, but the divide between North and South Korea still remains. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is a wedge driven by the Korean War — separating one people, who have the same language and ethnicity.

Visitors will gain phenomenal insights into the history and operation of the DMZ with AutoVenture. Your expert guide will escort you by private car to tour the border’s most interesting monuments, lookouts, spy tunnels and security posts.

In 1953, at the end of the Korean War, South and North Korea drew a truce line across the peninsula, which stretches 160-mile long and is 2.5-miles wide.

Imjingak Pavilion often is the first stop. Some of the highlights include the vast Nuri Peace Park, which is dotted with artwork, sculptures and exhibits. There is a three-story, elevated observation deck, and the Bridge of Freedom, which no one crosses.

Next, you’ll tour one of the four infiltration tunnels dug by North Korea for a potential surprise attack. The second tunnel, discovered in 1975, could allow 30,000 soldiers to get through in one hour — not to mention tanks. The third tunnel, uncovered in 1978, is a popular attraction for those willing to put on a hard hat and explore the cramped channel.

Other highlights include the Joint Security Area at Panmunjeom, where the truce between North and South Korea was signed. Plus, it’s the only place where you can safely walk into North Korea. Another is the War Memorial Museum of Yanggu, which displays over 500 weapons and other items from the war.

AutoVenture’s DMZ tour is a riveting behind-the-scenes look at one of the world’s continual hot spots.


Seoul is the world's 10th-most economically powerful city and second-largest metropolitan area.


The number "4" is considered unlucky, most buildings in Korea don't have a 4th floor.

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